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Shenzhen Zengkang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Pinghu City next to the world's supplier of wealth accumulation in " South City " dependent neighborhood. Many convenient surrounding logistics, electronics, materials , finance, transportation and other supporting positive health technology brings to the unique natural advantages .

Kang Technology is being set in the medical devices, health technology product development, production and sales of enterprise service-oriented scientific and technological innovation , product lines:Intelligent electric toothbus, Wrist / Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, pulse treatment, treatment for myopia and other medical products , the company developed a number of core technology has been patented, and with a number of well-known national medical experts and research institutes to achieve cooperation .

Kang , are : the heart is , the words are , the line being " positive" man disposes of fundamental health : health , well-being , so that their health is a virtue , so that the health of others is merit, Kang has been committed to the health industry to humanity National Health mission ! Strive for human health Mianbozhili , Kang who also pray sincerely happy and healthy human world !

Look forward to the future , the company will be based on a higher , more distant targets , technology-based , innovation-driven , continuous development of more and better technologies and products to the benefit of all mankind , to promote the healthy development of China's 

technological progress and make a positive contribution . We also welcome to cooperate with all the friends , and seek common development , establish a banner healthcare industry , healthcare and strive to create a new era !

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Three 3rd Floor, Building A, after Kang Industrial Park, Longgang District Pinghu Street Wo flowers Community Fuxing Street: Address
Hotline 0755 -83251427  E-mail: 23255877024@qq.com
Shenzhen is Hong Technology Co., Ltd. ICP: Guangdong ICP No. 13090076

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